InfinityBelt™ Invisible Belt

Robin Farrington

I found out about the InfinityBelt™ while shopping at the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte.  It has been one of the best products I have ever purchased.  I bought three that day.  One for me and one for each of my daughters.  They both love them.  I like the fact that its smooth, lies flat and doesn’t have the bulk of a regular belt but achieves the same purpose.   I highly recommend the InfinityBelt™.

Donna Smith

Love the InfinityBelt™!  Perfect to wear with a tee-shirt and jeans as there is no bulky belt buckle showing under your tee-shirt!

Mary from Pewaukee, WI

I am not exactly new to this company.  I purchased a navy blue belt a few months ago and love it.  Now I am getting another one for someone else who liked mine.  I originally found you from an Internet search (I wish I could remember the exact term I used in the search but I can't) which lead me to Invisibelt which I was wary of and some of the customer reviews were not too good.  On going through the search results further I came on InfinityBelt™ and it looked like it was exactly what I needed.  I am happy to say it was!  

Kahwane from Peachtree City, GA 

The InfinityBelt™ has not only provided a much smoother appearance for my work attire and social wear, but help boost my self-confidence when wearing fitted shirts and blouses that I've never worn before, all to the dismay of having an unflattering belt buckle showing. Thank you so much Lindsay and Erin, you guys hit a home run by finding a resolution to the kink in women's wear. The belt has been a tremendous help while in between sizes and affordability is not a question! 

Cilla from Clemmons, NC  

I bought my first InfinityBelt™ (black) at the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte. It has become an essential part of wardrobe.  I wear it almost daily and have told many others about it.  Now that warmer weather is here I've found a need for some additional colors.  Thank you for your creative gaping waist band solution!  

Steve from Chicago, IL 

InfinityBelt™ saved my snowboard vacation! After losing quite a bit of weight, I forgot to check to see if my snowboarding pants still fit. Well of course the waist was too big and I didn't find this out until I got to the resort! This simple solution helped me keep my pants where they needed to be and extended the life of my gear. Thanks InfinityBelt™!  

Marie from Charlotte, NC  

I have been looking for a belt like this for years. My waist is much smaller than my hips so most of my pants are too big in the waist and either I'm pulling my pants up all the time or I use a different belt and try to hide the buckle. This does not work with thin sweaters or tops.  Love this belt.  

Shirley from Greenville, SC  

Just wanted to let you know that I love the InfinityBelt™.  It is great to wear a belt that is actually comfortable and keeps your pants from dropping or a big gap when you stoop.  

Kathy from Palm Coast, FL   

I never knew I needed this belt, but now I can't live without it! I'll never tuck in another shirt again.   

Darlene from Matthews, NC  

I bought an InfinityBelt™ at the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte, NC. I LOVE IT!!!   

Amy from Cleveland, OH 

Love my InfinityBelt™!

InfinityBelt™ Invisible Belt

Lynne Overby

Saw you at the Christmas show in charlotte 2013, Loved the idea, purchased one later and love it.  I wear it every day and will be purchasing another one soon.  I will use the coupon to do just that.

Judy Glendenning

I was at the southern women's show in Jacksonville Fl when I first discovered your InfinityBelt™. I bought two that day. Then my daughter in law and granddaughter saw the ones I had and loved them. So I got them their own. Thank you for a wonderful idea and product!

Ruth Rosensky

I now own two InfinityBelts™!  The first one I bought at the Southern Women's Show in Savannah, GA. I have been thrilled with the belt.  I always need to wear a belt with pants and end up with the end of the belt and the loop sticking out underneath my shirt.  Not a pretty sight! With the InfinityBelt™, I now have no unsightly bulge.  I love it and now have one in black and one in beige.  I recommend the belt to everyone!

Amber Langdon

Thank you for making this awesome belt.  I bought my first belt from the Southern Women's Show in Jacksonville Florida in 2013. I have since bought two more for friends who love mine and I'm about to buy another one for another friend. The belt is wonderful in that it is flush under your shirt,it holds up your pants when you squat down and you don't have to undo it when you use the bathroom, which is great. I hook my cell phone from my belt loop which pulls down on my pants so this helps a lot with that issue too. I was thinking you might want to make and extension piece like they have for bras, for people who either gain weight or for people who wear their belts both at the waist and lower on the hips. I look forward to seeing you again at the Southern Women's Show in October.

Rachael Martin

I love my belt and I wear it almost everyday while teaching elementary school. It works great because I can get on the floor to work with the kids without worrying.