InfinityBelt™ Lindsay James

The Birth of The InfinityBelt™

Out of necessity, my co-creator and I conceived an extraordinary product called the InfinityBelt™. You see, we had been complaining to each other (and about each other's appearances) for years!

Eliminating "Belt Bulge"

I wouldn't wear belt loops without a belt in them and was always walking around with a heavy, clunky belt and a bulging belt buckle when my shirt was untucked. My co-creator couldn't stand the feeling of being constricted or weighed down by a belt. She was constantly pulling up her pants and showing a little too much in the back when seated (yikes). To top it off, that little tab over our pants' buttons would create an unsightly protrusion when wearing our fitted shirts.

Taking Action for Women's Fashion

We were fed up and tired of not looking put together! So, we took the time to come up with a simple, but genius idea to fix BOTH of our wardrobe issues comfortably, fashionably and affordable enough that any woman with the same problems could take advantage of this solution…

The InfinityBelt™!

Here's to being comfortable and fashionable,
Lindsay Ann James
Owner and co-creator, The InfinityBelt™