Sizing Guide

InfinityBelt™ Invisible Belt

Tips for Sizing Your InifinityBelt™

When choosing your InfinityBelt™ size, please keep in mind the InfinityBelt™ is made of a soft, durable elastic material. There is a certain amount of stretch that should be taken into consideration. The size chart below should be used as a reference.

We've found that people fall into one of two categories, Belt Lovers and Belt Haters. It's an important distinction when determining your InfinityBelt™ size. It's okay, though, the InfinityBelt™ is made for both kinds of people!

For the Belt Lovers...

Belt Lovers are those folks who enjoy, or at least tolerate, the feeling of wearing a belt. If your pants have belt loops, there's likely a belt strapped underneath them. You probably like a tighter, more supportive feel. The InfinityBelt™ will give you the support you need, without that bulky buckle! For you, we suggest you try the size equivalent to your pant size, or even slightly smaller if you like a tight fit.

InfinityBelt™ Invisible Belt

...And the Belt Haters.

Belt Haters are the folks who shudder at the thought of wearing a constricting, uncomfortable belt. You can't stand the feeling of something tight around your waist.

The InfinityBelt™ is for you, too! We get it, you don't want to feel like you're wearing a belt. That's why we suggest you try a looser fit. Try the InfinityBelt™ size equivalent to your pant size, or even slightly larger for a comfort-fit that still keeps you from hiking those pants up all day.

Choose the Size That Feels Right to You

As an example, if you wear a size 10 and you're a Belt Lover, you'll choose a small InfinityBelt™; however, if you wear a size 10 and you're a Belt Hater, choose a medium InfinityBelt™.

One more consideration for you, if your hips are significantly larger than your waist, choose your InfinityBelt™ size based on your actual waist. So, if you wear a size 14, but that's mostly to fit your hips or thighs, and your waist is really a size 10, choose the InfinityBelt™ for a size 10. This will ensure your pants are supported and gap free!

Questions About Choosing the Right Belt Size?

Please use the Contact Us form and let us know if you have any questions about what fit is best for you. We are happy to help you in your sizing needs.





       Pant Size Equivalent/Approximate Belt Length

XX-Small           Children 10 – 14;  Adult 00 – 2; about 23 inches
X-Small           Adult 2 – 4; about 25 inches
Small           Adult 6 – 10; about 28 inches
Medium           Adult 10 – 14; about 30 inches
Large           Adult 14 – 18; about 32 inches

        Adult 18 -22; about 36 inches

XX-Large         Adult 22 -26about 39 inches
XXX-Large         Adult 26 -30about 42 inches