Retailer Spotlight: Apricot Lane Boutique | Anchorage, AK


Apricot Lane Boutique Anchorage

Apricot-lane-boutique-anchorageNo trip to downtown Anchorage, AK, would be complete without a visit to the complete shopping experience known as the Apricot Lane Boutique. Located on 5th Avenue in one of downtown's most vibrant areas, Apricot Lane strives to provide their customers the perfect outfit for any day, whether it be a special occasion or no occasion at all.

Ann Marie, the owner of Apricot Lane Boutique in Anchorage, knew she had to bring an Apricot Lane Boutique back to her hometown. As an Anchrorageite of 16 years, she was confident that an Apricot Lane Boutique would fit right in downtown. In addition to stocking the shelves with quality brands like The InfinityBelt™, Articles of Society, Dear John, Sara Happ, and many more, Ann has also staffed her store with fashion-forward and helpful folks who are there to help you find the perfect look for you.

The InfinityBelt™ is proud to provide Apricot Lane Boutique Anchorage with comfortable and fashionable belts that won't bulge. Check back for more Retailer Spotlights from The InfinityBelt™!

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