What to Look for in Buying a Belt

What to Look for in Buying a Belt

If you’re looking to buy a new belt, the sheer number of styles and varieties for sale can be very overwhelming. The best find would be something that you can use often, and with a lot of different outfits. Yes, you will need to look at colors and sizes; however, several other factors play an extremely important role when picking out the perfect belt.

Wide Belts and Skinny Belts

Wide belts and skinny belts are two options when choosing a style of belt. Wide belts are best for creating a dramatic look and are worn at the waist. Skinny belts are for a more casual, yet sophisticated look, and are versatile in their location. That means that they can be worn at the hip, waist, or wherever you feel it looks good.

Body Shape

Body type also plays a key role in picking a belt. Women with a pear shape should opt for a skinny belt, since it helps their tiny waist. Women with hourglass figures should also look to thinner belts, since it shows off their naturally thin waist. They can even wear the belt over the bellybutton with a skirt or pants. Apple shaped women should consider using wide belts, since it pays special attention to their curves and really makes them pop. Ruler shaped women should also go for the wider belt, since it can enhance the silhouette and really give their shape the illusion of curves.

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