The Only Belt You Need for Your Weight Loss Journey

The Only Belt You Need for Your Weight Loss Journey

It has been almost a month since you made your New Year's resolution...

For many of us, we set a goal to lose those holiday pounds and even a few more pounds that have overstayed their welcome and this year you are rocking it. You are already feeling more confident but an unexpected problem has cropped up.

Ilyssa, an InfinityBelt convert, explains this dilemma well: "...I recently lost 50lbs and during this process I obviously changed the size of my pants several times, but I also found I was having issues with all my jeans. I found I always had back gap and I could never keep my pants up at any size in any brand I tried from expensive to cheap!" 

Sure, you can run to the mall and buy new pants but you are just at the beginning of your weight loss journey and new pants every so often add up. Plus who has time for a wild goose chase every month for the elusive perfect fit pair of jeans? So you cinch your belt a little tighter until you run out of holes. Did you know that about every two inches you lose from your waist drops you into the next belt size and the average cost of a new leather belt is around $40? Now, not only are you feeling a little lighter but your bank account is as well.

InfinityBelt to the rescue! For almost half the cost of just one new belt, you can purchase an InfinityBelt that will extend the life of your pants as the numbers on the scale spiral downward.The InfinityBelt is made of a soft, durable elastic material and is stretchy. This allows you to wear the same belt throughout your weight loss journey. 

Ilyssa writes "This belt has been such a game changer for me and if I am wearing jeans, I am wearing my belt (in several colors)!"

Save time and money by purchasing the InfinityBelt and we bet it will become your new favorite accessory for your goal size wardrobe! 

Want to get yours now? Use code LOSE10 to receive 10% off! 

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