The InfinityBelt Answer for Diabetic Insulin Pumps

The InfinityBelt Answer for Diabetic Insulin Pumps

One of the main goals of the InfinityBelt is to make everyone feel more confident in their clothing by eliminating belt buckle bulges. Thanks to our wonderful customers, we have discovered another way the InfinityBelt can eliminate bulges. The InfinityBelt can make a diabetic insulin pump more discreet as well.

Insulin pumps deliver insulin 24 hours a day through a catheter placed under the skin. Using an insulin pump can give diabetics freedom from multiple daily injections but unfortunately, can be a bit cumbersome to have attached to you at all times. InfinityBelt customer Deborah explains: "If I wear a dress there is no way to wear my pump unless I put it in my bra and then it sticks out there. With the InfinityBelt I just put it around my waist and hang my insulin pump from it. I have looked for something to use with my insulin pump and this was the answer."

The InfinityBelt is a great way to keep your pump stable under formal wear, while working out and sleeping. The lightweight elastic band is stretchable so it gives you many different options for a comfortable placement of your insulin pump.

Feel free to use the Contact Us form and let us know if you have questions about what fit is best for you. We are happy to help you in your sizing needs. 

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Disclaimer: The information in this post is a general recommendation that others have found helpful. Please consult your doctor for medical advice. 

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